Maintenance of an Inboard Engine Screw-Propeller

Maintenance of screw propellers is necessary after being damaged by ice, stones, grounding which leads to bending and breaking of blades; the loss of the screw propeller is quite possible. Damage probability of the part is extremely high. A propeller is the most important part of a vessel. Due to it a boat, yacht or any other watercraft is set into motion. That’s why its condition should be monitored.

The vessel with the damaged propeller must not be used. On the first hand it is more difficult to operate such a vessel which contributes to the risk of the crew and passengers. On the second hand, a damaged propeller leads to the fast wear-out of the other parts in the propeller-rudder system. The problem admits of no delay. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers troubleshooting of the propeller screws, servicing of shafts and the other parts of the propeller – rudder unit.

Maintenance of an Inboard Engine Screw-Propeller

What does the repair of screw-propellers encompass

The first stage in troubleshooting of propeller screws is malfunction detection. Our experts hoist the vessel, dismantle the part and study it for damage. After it our employees can tell you if it is possible to restore the screw-propeller or it is worth installing a new screw. Depending on material of a screw propeller the maintenance and repair of screw propellers can comprise the following works:

  • reconstruction of a blade parts or a blade itself;
  • flattening, smoothing of bent blades;
  • sealing of seams;
  • reconstruction of the screw propeller geometry;
  • clean-up from fouling and finishing.

ПUpon repairs being completed, balancing adjustment of the screw propeller is performed. After that our professionals install it to the vessel. The last stage is launching and testing on water. If a watercraft demonstrates smooth steady steaming and the speed of the engine is needed, the works are completed and the vessel is given back to the owner.

Quick and High Quality Maintenance at KSC

Kherson Shipbuilding Company performs repairs of screw propellers of inboard engines for watercrafts of any type. Whether you have a small boat or pleasure yacht, our professionals will remedy faults quickly and safely. Considerable experience in maintenance and repair, required equipment allows us to guarantee high quality of all performed works.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers troubleshooting of screw propellers at favourable prices. To carry out reconstruction works you don’t need to head your vessel to the plant. You can send the damaged part, our specialists in reconstruction will send it to any part of Ukraine after it’s being fixed.