Maintenance of a Landing Craft Vessel

High quality servicing of a landing craft guarantees safety of its performance. The watercrafts of such type are used to bring the crew, pilots as well as to transport provision and parts to combat vessels and cargo ships in the road. Unfortunately, ship-owners are not always able to maintain landing crafts in the proper technical condition which might lead to failure at sea. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers overhaul repairs and maintenance on the vessels of the kind.

Maintenance of  a Landing Craft Vessel

What does the maintenance of a landing craft involve?

As soon as a vessel comes into the docks of Kherson Shipbuilding Company our specialists assess its technical condition. Trouble-shooting of a landing craft involves its lifting upward, fault detection of a hull, floats, propeller screws, an engine, and the main entire communication facilities on a vessel including electrics and pipelines. Upon the fault detection is over our professionals develop a repair sheet.

Servicing from Kherson Shipbuilding Company involves the following works:

  • clearance of a hull from fouling and residues of varnishes and paints;
  • replacements of corroded parts, hull breaches, and small-scale defects;
  • overhaul repairs and replacement of a vessel diesel engine;
  • reconstruction or replacement of propeller screws, floats, reduction gears;
  • replacement of elements in electrical equipment of a vessel, navigation and communication facilities;
  • renovation of pipeline systems etc.

Besides specialists of Kherson Shipbuilding Company carry out repairs of accommodation spaces. In particular our professionals can replace inner planking, dry clean and repair the furniture. Maintenance of security systems for passengers and the crew is also mandatory.

Maintenance of Kherson Shipbuilding Company is high quality warranty

KSC performs reliable and high quality maintenance of landing craft vessels of any type at the most favorable prices in Ukraine. Specialists with broad expertise in servicing of such vessels work in our company. We have all required equipment at our disposal. KSC produces a great number of parts for vessel repairs from scratch. The other parts are obtained directly from the leading world manufacturers. A warranty is provided for all completed services.