Yacht Maintenance

A yacht can be renovated because of various reasons – not only because of a respectable age of a vessel, preventive maintenance and redecoration but also due to some other reasons. Any vessel needs high quality technical servicing otherwise it is dangerous to use it. The maintenance of yachts and boats is sometimes conditioned by storm and low qualification of vessel navigator. Specialists of Kherson Shipbuilding Company often face the damages of a ship hull and propeller-rudder system that occur due to strikes against the bottom or foreign objects. Whatever the problem is the professionals of KSC are always ready to tackle it in a fast, competent and cost-effective way.

Yacht Maintenance

What does yacht servicing of Kherson Shipbuilding Company involve?

Technical yacht servicing implies work with a particular approach to every problem. In Ukraine dozens of vessels are used the hulls of which are made of steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, and other materials. Watercrafts of various types are distinguished by their own peculiarities which implies that every maintenance requires an individual approach.

Before the maintenance professionals of KSC carry out the total fault detection and determine the main problems. Servicing of boats and yachts from our professionals involves the following types of works:

  • Vessel salvage, hull cleaning from fouling and old coating;
  • Damage repair: welding-up of hull breaches, replacement of corrodent or damaged parts, sealing of leaking welds and seams, smoothing of dents;
  • Maintenance of sail masts and bracings (if servicing of a sail yacht is needed);
  • Maintenance and servicing of a vessel Diesel engine and auxiliary equipment (if servicing of a motor yacht is needed);
  • Maintenance of a vessel deck-house;
  • Clearing of propeller-rudder faults;
  • Replacement and maintenance of a vessel pipeline systems;
  • Vibration isolation of a hull;
  • Maintenance and installation of new navigation and communication facilities and etc.

After the maintenance is over, trial runs and adjustments are carried out and upon it the vessel is given back to the owner.

The Costs of Yacht Servicing

The answer to the question of a yacht servicing depends on the type of fault conditions detected on a vessel and volume of maintenance. If maintenance is minor the costs will be low. However, if extensive repair or significant troubleshooting is needed (e.g. replacement of the stuck vessel Diesel engine) they will be quite high.

Whatever problems you might have faced Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers technical servicing at affordable prices. We obtain parts directly from manufacturers which decreases the price of the service ad maximum.