Sale of a Small Sized Vessel

You can buy a small-sized vessel for various purposes. According to laws and regulations this category includes motor and sailing watercrafts the length of which is within 20 m and the engine capacity is up to 75 HP (weight is not limited). Small sized vessels are used for trips, privately-held and commercial fishery as well as for official purposes in Ukraine. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers watercrafts of its own production at beneficial prices.

Small Sized Vessel

What Vessels Refer to the Small Sized

The category of watercrafts is rather broad. It also comprises small boats bought for personal use. Let`s consider in more details what a small sized boat can be.

  • Boat. A watercraft equipped with an outboard engine.
  • Motor boat. A vessel is 10 m long equipped with an inboard engine (75 HP or 55 kW) or an outboard engine but fitted with a cabin or cock pit.
  • Motor yacht. A watercraft is 10-20 m long equipped with an inboard engine and cabins fitted with all required facilities to live aboard.
  • Sailing yacht. It is a vessel which gets going with sails.
  • Motor sailing yacht is a hybrid watercraft which can get in motion both by an inboard engine and sails.

Besides, non-self-propelled watercrafts are considered small-sized if their capacity is within 80 t. Pleasure boats can fall into the category if their passenger capacity is up to 12 people.

The Best Small-Sized Vessels from KSC

Kherson Shipbuilding Company sells small-sized vessels of various types. In our company you can order any watercraft starting from a budget-friendly boat to the yacht of luxury type. Building of a small-sized ship is performed according to the standing standards and traditions of shipbuilding in Ukraine and all over the world.
At our web-site you can see photos of watercrafts and order a new small–sized vessel “off the assembly line”. We manufacture products according to a typical design and the customized orders with due regard to client`s requests. The manufactured watercrafts are delivered to any city of Ukraine. Kherson Shipbuilding Company can guarantee high quality of boats, motor boats and yachts of our own production.