Small vessels production

The production of small vessels is in demand both in the sea and in the river fleet. This category includes self-propelled vessels with a main engine of less than 55 kW and non-self-propelled and sailing vessels with a gross tonnage of less than 80 register tons, as well as motor vessels regardless of engine power or a gross tonnage of no more than 10 register tons and non-self-propelled vessels (rowing boats with a carrying capacity of 100 and more kilograms, kayaks with a carrying capacity of 150 or more kilograms and inflatable vessels with a carrying capacity of 225 and more kilograms). These characteristics include small private boats, pleasure boats, large motor yachts, fishing fleet vessels, etc. At the Kherson Shipbuilding Company, you can order the manufacture of small vessels of any type of the above. We guarantee a high quality of watercraft, regardless of their purpose.

Small vessels production

What does the production of small vessels include

Kherson Shipbuilding Company carries out the construction and completion of small vessels. Work at our company starts with the preparation of a project that our engineers will prepare taking into account all your wishes. In addition, HSP professionals are ready to implement the project of your own. Before starting work, the documentation goes through the analysis procedure to avoid technical errors that can lead to problems during operation.

In the workshops of the HSP, our professionals carry out a full range of necessary work, including:

  • Manufacture of the hull;
  • Arrangement of the engine room, installation of the main engine and diesel generator;
  • Installation of ship systems;
  • Installation of propeller-drive complex;
  • Installation of add-ons, sewing rooms, furniture;
  • Equipping the vessel with the latest communications and navigation;
  • Painting, etc.

Our professionals carry out specific works depending on the type of the vessel that was ordered. In particular, for passenger ships, this is the arrangement of the cabin. We install soft chairs and the necessary equipment for a comfortable swimming. For the fishing fleet, fixture mounts and holds for storing the catch can be arranged. At the request of the customer, the installation of additional equipment is possible.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – means efficiency and quality

Kherson Shipbuilding Company implements the construction of ships as soon as possible. Our professionals will do everything possible to ensure that you receive your order with a minimum waiting time. Thanks to the latest equipment and construction methods, we speed up the process as much as possible.

Despite the minimum construction time, the ship will not lose in quality. Kherson Shipbuilding Company uses in-house parts and equipment from the best world manufacturers so that you get the most functional, manageable, reliable and comfortable vessel.