Insulation of Vessel Flues

Insulation of vessel flues is the most important task to provide the safety of a crew on the vessel. Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers insulation of vessel flues at favourable prices. Having trusted our professionals you will obtain a securely insulated flue, protect your engine-room from excess heat input and noise.

Insulation of Vessel Flues

Why is the insulation of the main vessel engine flue necessary?

To prevent burns, scalds and inflammation of highly flammable substances that are close to the insulated objects the outside surfaces of main and auxiliary machinery as well as the ones of flues are insulated.

All the objects with the temperature of a heat transfer medium higher than 60°C should be insulated.

Insulation of a vessel flue implies fitting of special materials having low thermal transmission. Due to it operation activity of vessel engines and mechanisms in the engine-room becomes safe and comfortable.

To achieve the goal specialists of Kherson Shipbuilding Company use various materials – mineral and basalt wool, wired mats and bands made of basalt wood, fire systems withstanding high temperatures up to +800°C and other modern and traditional materials. It makes possible to individually find the most cost effective and technologically correct solution in every case.

Professionals of KSC use certified insulation materials from reliable manufacturers. Having trusted us, you can feel certain of high quality of vessel insulation and safety of its operations.

Insulation Service at KSC is prompt and cost-effective

Kherson Shipbuilding Company performs insulation of gas flues for the vessels of any type. Having appealed to our specialists you will essentially save your time. Moreover we offer services at reasonable prices. KSC purchases insulation materials directly from a manufacturer which lets us decrease the costs.