Sale of a Fishing Motor Boat

If you would like to start fishing business, the first thing you need to do is to buy a fishing motor boat. The vessel of the type is the best solution for commercial fishery and leisure activity. They are small-sized and fuel effective and at the same time they have perfect nautical characteristics. Moreover, their price tags show low figures which is extremely important not only for starting your own business but also for expanding your fishing fleet. Kherson Shipbuilding Company sells fishing motor boats of its own manufacturing at reasonable prices.

Sale of a Fishing Motor Boat

Buying s Fishing Motor Boat at Affordable Price

Kherson Shipbuilding Company offers fishing motor boats to everybody who deals with or plans to deal with commercial fishery as well as sports fishing. However, the boats are good for pleasure trips with friends. We sell our own production. Professionals of our enterprise have vast experience in manufacturing and conversion of fishing motor boats that`s why we can guarantee high quality.

As a rule, fishing boats are manufactured from shipbuilding steel and aluminum meanwhile the latter is less often used. They are mostly diesel engine boats and feluccas designed for commercial fishery. Such vessels are furnished with powerful inboard propulsion unit, equipment for fishing and storing fish until it is given to processing or sale.

Last time harvesting of sea snails, mussels, and other seafood is very popular. That`s why such vessels can be provided with all required equipment at customer`s option.

It is possible to use fishing motor boats in severe weather conditions. Their load-carrying capacity is enough to deliver a great take of fish to the port.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company – Perfect Quality of Watercrafts

Kherson Shipbuilding Company is your opportunity to buy a fishing motor boat of any type. We manufacture and restore the broad variety of vessels, starting from small boats and feluccas ending with large trawlers and seiners. Having addressed professionals of our company, you can buy your first vessel or expend your fleet with the powerful ship enabling you to significantly increase your fish take and profit accordingly.

Kherson Shipbuilding Company manufactures vessels both at their own drafts and technical drawings of clients. After analyzing your project, our specialists can make some corrections and amendments. Upon mutual approval, we manufacture the vessel and carry out all necessary trials.