About company

The Kherson Shipbuilding Company is working on shipbuilding and repair market since 2007. The company was founded by experienced professionals with higher profile education and a real passion for their work. In addition, our team has all the modern methods of work, creative methods to manage shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises, as well as offers its assistance in such task area as supply of ships with the necessary equipment.

The Company’s history began with the rent of a workshop on the territory of the Kherson Shipbuilding Yard, where the founders of the Company got the first experience as mechanics, engineers and senior builders. There have been successfully implemented the first orders - repair of yacht "Dream" and fitting out of the hull of tug boat “Bulbash”.

Nowadays, we are a young, mobile and reliable team. The company has received a Certificate of compliance with the standards of the Shipping Register of Ukraine.

We are constantly working towards improving the quality of our products and services rendered.

The basic principle in our relationships with the customer consists in a flexible and conceptual approach to solving his problems. The relationships of our company with the client are based on the “gold” principles of the world management - so you can always be assured as to the accuracy of set tasks and compliance with the deadlines. We make a practice of careful matching of cost estimates with the customer and transparency at every stage of works. This approach is perfectly justified and allows working accurately, efficiently and effectively.

Using their experience and professional skills, our experts strive to achieve the best result, and at that to minimize the costs. We have enough knowledge to implement complex and challenging projects - but this does not mean that we do not undertake simple and economy projects. Each of the projects presented in this section has its own characteristics and its own history. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our works!

Today, the Kherson Shipbuilding Company (KSC) is moved to a new capacity level. The professional personnel have extended and we have got a portfolio with a number of successful and non-trivial projects. We offer to our customers a full range of services in areas such as shipbuilding, ship repair and ship procurement, and we guarantee solution of all the production problems performed up to the state of the art.

The Kherson Shipbuilding Company guarantees a professional approach at each work stage, from a ship design to supply of marine equipment. Our shipbuilding company works closely with the National University of Shipbuilding, as well as the Sea Marine Engineering Bureau (Odessa).

Our experience and partnership allow us to begin upon projects of any scale and complexity for certain:

• Complete small-sized shipbuilding on a turnkey basis;

• Completion of ships;

• Modernization of ships;

• Ship repair;

• Ship raising

An adequate and a modern management, established relationships with suppliers, transparent budget estimates and reasonable prices make cooperation with us pleasant and comfortable.

But the main asset of the Company is knowledge, experience and ideas of our specialists. Our team consists of young, knowledgeable, enthusiastic professionals. The internal structure of operation of the Kherson Shipbuilding Company allows its employees to work more quickly, efficiently and intelligently than at most shipyards of the former post-Soviet space with their well-established habit of command management.

Our experts have not worked in the command management system, and have a healthy concept of motivation and a sincere desire to leadership. Just their competence, impartiality and flexibility of professional thinking enable us to offer you not a routine solution, but an optimal solution in each specific case.

The Kherson Shipbuilding Company always takes decisions necessary for implementation of the tasks set by the customer in its favor. This allows saving a lot of money of our clients.

By constant improving in our business, we are creating a competitive product at affordable price.